Transcendent Joy

Are you interested in experiencing the transcendent reality that lies at the heart of existence?

There is an infinite freedom beyond the realm of thought that has been cherished for millennia by saints, mystics, poets, and philosophers of many cultures. It has been given many names and enshrined in the doctrines of many religions. However, names and doctrines can only point towards it—one must transcend the conceptual realm in order to experience it as a living reality.

I invite you to join with me on a shared journey towards a life sustained by that transcendent reality—that is, a life illuminated by the eternal light of the divine. Yet to speak of a “journey” is misleading, because the divine is not “out there”—not a destination outside of oneself that one can reach in time. As Augustine of Hippo writes in his Confessions, God is “more intimate to me than I am to myself.” Our journey, then, involves transcending who we think we are and plunging into the very heart of who we really are as eternal beings made in the image of God.

If these ideas appeal to you, you will enjoy reading my forthcoming book Joy Beyond Belief: Transcending the Limits of Faith through Prayer and Meditation. It’s an in-depth discussion of the experience of transcending the limitations of thought, emotion, and belief and entering into the sacred silence in which we discover our true self, made in the image and likeness of God.